Milano Card - Milan City Pass

Just as all the big cities in the world, even Milan has its own City Pass, that small little plastic card that tourists buy at the airport or the tourist office to have discounts and benefits, as well as free access to the means of urban transport.

Milan’s City Pass is called Milano Card, indeed, and if you think about it, it’s very convenient! Let’s see why!

If you purchase a Milano Card valid for 24 hours at a price of € 8.25 you can travel freely on the metro, bus and tram lines within the urban area. If we compare its cost with that of an ATM -day ticket, that is, € 4.5, you have € 3.75 left, easily depreciable considering the dozens of discounts and benefits that still await you in the city throughout the day thanks to your city pass.

Among other things, the card allows discounted access to many museums. At the Museum of Science and Technology, the discount is 30% while it is 35% at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, situated on the beautiful piazzeta Papa Pio XI, in that piece of Roman Milan between Piazza Cordusio and Via Torino. At the Last Supper there is no discount, but you can take advantage of a “Jump-the line” priority to get in before the many Japanese and Chinese tourists queuing behind the door with their digital camera. At the Poldi Pezzoli Museum the holders of a Milano Card will pay 33% less, while at the Diocesan Museum of Porta Ticinese, the discount is as much as 50%, and at the Triennale in Viale Alemagna, which always hosts beautiful exhibitions on contemporary art, savings reach 25%.

After watching an exhibition at the Triennale you can decide to spend the evening with friends at the Old Fashion Cafè, located in the same beautiful building. This is the trendiest nightclub in the area with a spectacular outdoor area overlooking De Chirico’s famous “Fountain of mysterious baths” and Sempione Park. In this case, you can book a table for 7 people with a bottle of Champagne for 150 € instead of 200 € on Wednesday and Thursday, € 160 instead of 200 € on Saturday and € 120 instead of € 200 on Sunday.

But if you prefer a dinner out to the disco, here is the tasty side of the Milano Card, the discounts you get at the best restaurants of the city. You can start treating yourself to a trendy aperitif at the Aperol Terrace near the Duomo, where you get a 10 % discount for your drink. Moreover, later you can opt for a dinner at Bagutta’s, rather than the legendary Mr. Angus on via Bandello, between Corso Magenta and Via San Vittore, just two steps away from the Last Supper. Here you will be served a discounted menu at € 40 which is almost half of what you usually pay. And the same treatment you will have at Bar Jamaica in via Brera, popular with artists and top models as well as trendy Milanese people and loads of tourists.

The list of clubs and restaurants that accept Milano Card is really long, but for the sake of  throat, here is one of the best seafood restaurants in Milan: Centro Ittico, in via Martiri Oscuri near Central Station, where, of course, you can dine at a discounted price.

If you have booked a return flight from Milan Malpensa airport, you will have the chance to access the Sheraton Hotel, located on Terminal 1, and use its Wi -Fi Internet connection and swimming pool with discounts of over 10%.

Last but not least, you will also get a 15 % discount on the purchase of a round-trip ticket from Milan to Rome on a Freccia Rossa train. Yet that alone makes you recover the cost of the Milano Card. If you reach Milan by car, instead, in via Fontana, behind the Courthouse, you will get a 15% discount in the underground parking.

In short, it’s really convenient: trains, museums, restaurants, subway, bus and tram, all just 8,25 €.

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