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O mia bela Madunina che te brillet de lontan, tuta d’ora e piscinina, ti te dominet Milan, sota a ti se viv la vita, se sta mai coi man in man, canten tucc “lontan de Napoli se moeur” ma po’ i vegnen chi a Milan – Popular song

Tourists who plan to visit Milan may remain a bit perplexed. Because Milan doesn’t look like a city of art at first sight, like Florence, Rome or Venice, it’s not renowned for archaeological sites or vestiges, footprints of the past. Yet, at every step, in every corner of the historical centre, visitors get the feeling of running into a piece of history and lots of little stories.

Milan’s palaces, churches, streets and squares, tell the story of a city that has lived in the clamor of two noble families, the Visconti and Sforza, but also give the feel of a city made up of ordinary people, citizens that have crafted something great day by day through their work and their feelings.

This is Milan. A city that for centuries has seen the best and the worst that life has to offer, which has welcomed millions of people and migrants in the attempt to give everyone a chance of life and redemption.

With That’s Milan! we wanted to honor this history and all these stories, telling the wonders of the past, but also the glamour of the twenty-first century, describing the splendor of the paintings and works of art, but also the gorgeousness of the city’s entertainment, fashion, nightlife and why not, its business life.

Because Milan is a complex city, with a thousand faces, but a huge beating heart.

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