Markets and flea markets in Milan

The great city of Milan, with all its glamour, its fashion, business, shopping, nightlife and designer labels, it can never do without its markets and flea markets. The city launched towards the Expo 2015, the smart city where everything must be declined in 2.0, is like a mussel attached to the fish counter of local markets and antiques flea markets, which every day of the week are set up between the squares and streets of the city.

Milan Markets, including all retail categories from clothing to vegetables, up to niche sector products, are a city institution that nothing and no one will ever be able to eradicate. The market on Viale Papiniano (Tuesdays and Saturdays) or on Piazzale Lagosta (Saturdays,) the local markets of Via Benedetto Marcello or Via Garigliano (Tuesdays and Saturdays,) on Via Catone (Fridays,) or on Viale Corsica (Thursdays,) are all unmissable appointments not only for the residents in specific areas, but also opportunities for trips from distant neighborhoods.

The street markets of Milan, more than a dozen during the week, are a point of reference for daily shopping in the city, but also great places to find genuine products for tourists visiting the city. On the counters, in fact, there are often regional products, cheese and cold cuts from Tuscany and Campania. In addition to food products you can buy clothes, shoes and household items at more competitive prices than those of traditional shops with windows.

For tourists in Milan in search of bargains and special items, the city offers a range of appointments and interesting markets for different product categories.

The most famous flea market of Milan is the Fiera di Sinigaglia, held every Saturday near the underground station Porta Genova. Here you can find anything from used bicycles to vintage clothing, from vintage books to vinyl records and absolutely useless items but full of charm.

Also in the Ticinese area, on the banks of the Naviglio Grande, on the last Sunday of every month there is the Mercatone of Antiques. The Navigli area is full of shops of vintage objects and furniture that once a month, along with antique dealers from outside Milan, display their valuable pieces in the stretch of road from the bridge of Via Valenza to Viale Gorizia: two kilometers of very interesting ancient and modern items.

Another appointment with second-hand articles, every Sunday morning, is the Bovisa Market, in the northern area of Milan. It is a good opportunity to do a bit of treasure hunting, because in the middle of so many knick-knacks there are also great items, household goods, tools, clothes and many other things sold at very interesting prices. The Bovisa Market is held on Piazza Emilio Alfieri.

In Via Sacile, near Piazzale Bologna and Piazzale Cuoco, on Sunday morning takes place that what is perhaps Milan’s flea market par excellence, the only and unrepeatable. It is the Festival Park, with counters and gazebos with clothes, shoes, toys for children, bicycles and silverware, but also a lot of junk and broken and useless stuff. But where it is possible, taking a careful look, one can find pieces of used clothing of excellent workmanship at bargain prices.

It was small and discreet, but had the advantage of being in the shadow of the imposing structure of the San Siro Stadium. Today, Hobbypark, the fair trade market, is still small and discreet, but has moved to Via Seguro in the Baggio district. Here the atmosphere is quiet amongst old, vintage and used items, maybe not highly valuable but often very useful. A noteworthy feature is that many sellers collect products for charity.

Markets and street markets in Milan will never die, they will survive over the various hyper-super-mega stores where the quality may not be argued, the prices maybe a little, but where above all lacks completely of the human factor, that something that makes the buying experience fun and that creates a relationship.

4 Responses to Markets and flea markets in Milan

  1. fred lim says:

    i want to join and visit the market in Milano.
    please inform when and where i can be.

    i will come to Milan April 12~24

    • Andrea Guerriero says:

      Hi Fred, you’ll stay almost 2 week so you’ll have all the time you need to visit wichever flea market you prefer
      here a brief list for you.. enjoy it! 😀

      – Mercatino dell’usato di Porta Genova – Via Valenza 16 – Every Sunday from 7:00 to 14:00
      – Mercatino dell’usato a Bovisa – Piazza Emilio Alfieri – Every Sunday from 7:00 to 14:00
      – Mercato dell’usato di Buccinasco – Via Emilia a Buccinasco – Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00 –
      – Hobbypark – Viale Puglie – Every Weekend from 7:00 to 15:00 –
      – Festivalpark – viale Puglie – Every Sunday from 7:00 to 15:00 –
      – Fiera di Sinigaglia – Ripa di Porta Ticinese – Every Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00

      • galit says:

        hello .
        I’m coming to milano only for a weekend in september . i will not have time to explore all the sunday market .
        could you please direct me to the best one where i can find quality vintage and branded clothing ?
        i just opened a vintage shop in my country .
        thanks a lot

  2. Stanley says:

    I am planning to visit Italy from 28.09-10.12.
    Which flea market will you recommend if I only can visit one?
    I am not sure if the one near Piazzale Bologna and Piazzale Cuoco is the best choice.
    And this is the website?
    Thanks for your help


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