Have a snack in Milan: Luini or Peck?

Those visiting Milan on tourism or business may get to mid-morning with a little hunger. Then it’s snack time, that magical moment of relaxation that, very prosaically, plugs that small hole in our tummy. Deciding where to go is not a problem: finding a place where to eat in Milan is easier than drinking water, and it is actually, if you take into account that there are so many eateries and a few drinking fountains around!

In the historical centre of Milan, a few steps from Piazza del Duomo, there are two definitely alternative venues, which are symbolically separated from the large square. To the north of the Duomo, near La Rinascente store, stands Luini, while to the South, near Piazza Cordusio, there’s Peck, as if to say sacred and profane, or cheap and chic. However, they’re both part of the history of Milan.

Luini is located in Via S. Radegonda, a side street of Corso Vittorio Emanuele. When in Milan you say Luini you say Panzerotto, that pastry shell stuffed with ground beef or ham or mozzarella and tomato. In brief, it’s a delight that is found in many bakeries, but at Luini’s it’s the main specialty of the house.

Luini’s Panzerotti are a must for kids who play hooky from school, or back from a student demonstration. But at Luini’s, all in line waiting to be served, we can also see a lot of older Milanese ladies and gentlemen who appreciate a hot snack and branded. Because Luini is a guarantee of quality and flavor. But the thing to notice is that those ladies and gentlemen were the students that 30-40-50 years ago frequented Luini’s for the same snack.

Because Luini stands in Via S. Radegonda since 1949, when Mrs. Giuseppina Luini opened the bakery and introduced Milanese people to the taste of Panzerotti, a typical product of Apulia from which she had emigrated with her family. Since then, Luini’s Panzerotti are one of the symbols of Milan, just as the Madonnina and Castello Sforzesco.

To taste another piece of Milanese history, you have to cross the square towards Via Torino, reach Via Spadari and then stop at Peck, which defines itself as The Temple of Gastronomy.

Panzerotto stands to Luini as truffle stands to Peck. It’s not a question of taste – a Panzerotto at Luini’s is worth a thousand cheese burgers – but it is indisputable that Peck is something else.

Indeed, Via Spadari hosts the windows of a prestigious eatery, a showroom of delicatessen, with ready meals, cheeses and conserves of the highest quality. Not for nothing Peck is located a stone’s throw from the heart of Milan’s business district and that place where property trading is held privately.

Nevertheless, Peck is the perfect place to treat yourself to that aforementioned snack with a luxury sandwich bite. A morsel stuffed with the best Italian cold cuts including Cinta Senese, Tuscan finocchiona, Felino salami and Parma ham, culatello with crackling, goose salami, bacon, Zibello coppa, etc. After that, you can get back to your tour of Milan or to your business, sure that your palate has had its share.

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