Anecdotes, news, curiosities and notes from Milan

Unusual museums in Milan

In Milan there are museums that are impossible not to visit, because they can legitimately be considered a World Heritage Site (even if not certified by UNESCO.) But the great Lombard metropolis offers tourists and citizens who care about culture, other places where to satisfy their personal curiosity. Galleries, museum and strange museums in Milan […]

Markets and flea markets in Milan

The great city of Milan, with all its glamour, its fashion, business, shopping, nightlife and designer labels, it can never do without its markets and flea markets. The city launched towards the Expo 2015, the smart city where everything must be declined in 2.0, is like a mussel attached to the fish counter of local […]

Typical Milanese Dishes

The most important thing to know about Milanese cuisine is its pronunciation. Because the michetta, the typical bread of Milan, it is not such if it is not pronounced with a wide ‘e’, very wide [meeketta.] And so the cutlet loses some of its flavor if you don’t call it cotolètta. The second lesson to […]

Historic Cafés in Milan: 5 bars to get into History

Among the many stories that Milan has to tell, one of the most intriguing is about its historic venues: bars that, since the beginning of the 19th century, have become meeting places of entire generations. So they’re not just spots where to have an happy hour or a coffee, where to taste sweet or savory […]

Summer events in Milan: Latinoamericando Expo

Three months of passion, music, culture and gastronomic specialties, these are the main ingredients of Latinoamericando Expo, a Latin American festival held in Milan at Forum di Assago. From June until mid-August dozens of singers, performers, artists and bands will show off during the scheduled concerts, events and appointments. All this spiced up with paths […]

Minitalia Leolandia, theme park close to Milan

Many Milanese people in their 50s, now fathers like me, have a number of childhood memories in common. Some, luckily, were lost over time, as the great, at the time, Milan Zoo within the Public Gardens (a sort of bio-internment camp closed in the 1980s.) Here lived the unforgettable Bombay, a sad elephant with large […]

The five lives of Milan women

Milanese Women have five lives: often not by choice, rather, it’s the context in which they live that makes them so. Milan women, in fact, sometimes they would want to live in a village in the Tuscan coast or Puglia, where time flows a little slower, concerns are a bit more shared with others, children […]

Have a snack in Milan: Luini or Peck?

Those visiting Milan on tourism or business may get to mid-morning with a little hunger. Then it’s snack time, that magical moment of relaxation that, very prosaically, plugs that small hole in our tummy. Deciding where to go is not a problem: finding a place where to eat in Milan is easier than drinking water, […]

Discovering the most unique churches in Milan

Many of the modern churches of Milan are totally bare, only spaces for prayer and meditation. Others, especially the older ones, are offered to the tourists with their loads of wealth, a sign of temporal power which over the centuries loved to show its greatness with gold, frescoes and monuments, works by the greatest artists […]

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