Who we are and why we do this

That’s Milan! is part of a large project involving many Italian cities of art and tourism. With this initiative we aim at proposing a new tour guide format, where in addition to the usual information on things to see and do, we give our readers ideas, curiosities and news to better enjoy their trip to Italy.

That’s Milan! is nothing else but this: a tourist guide to Milan where for each museum, palace, church, and monument, we have identified a quid, a curiosity that makes the city more appealing to visitors.

Milan is the fashion capital of Europe, one of the major business centers of the Old Continent, one of the major cities in Italy, located at the center of a great territory due to its landscapes, history and architectural heritage. All these reasons have convinced us that a new travel guide of Milan, able to give information, but also to intrigue, was absolutely necessary for those who are going to visit the city.

There are over sixty museums in Milan, which cover all human knowledge, from nature to technology, from design to painting. Milan hosts dozens and dozens of churches, some as large as the Duomo, and smaller ones like San Satiro, but all are works of art of priceless historical and artistic value.

Milan is a flowing stream of hectic life, fun and hard-work. Not by chance it’s considered one of the beating hearts of business, but also nightlife; it’s no coincidence that the city is home to the Temple of Football, San Siro stadium, but also the Fashion District, a Mecca for tourists in search of the big-name fashion designers.

And if there were still any doubts about the role of Milan in Italy and in the world, we cannot but remember that Expo 2015, the next scheduled Universal Exhibition, that in a year will draw over 20 million people to the city, will take place right here in Milan, with exhibition halls where almost 150 countries in the world will bring in their products and their experiences about nutrition and sustainability issues.

Do you need other reasons to justify the conception of That’s Milan! ?

Milan boasts the presence of fairgrounds that are among the most important in the world, both for capacity and prestige. Fieramilano, in Rho-Pero, and Fieramilanocity, located in the area of the former Fiera Campionaria, represent the front-end stage, the lavish display cabinet in which Italian and Lombard companies have the opportunity to present their products and services. And where the major industries in the world aspire to be present in order to build up relationships and do business with Italian and European companies.

Still not enough reasons to validate this new guide to Milan?
So let’s talk about nightlife, mentioning the discos in the Garibaldi area where you can bump into top models, football players, VIPs and starlets. Let’s talk about the Navigli area, Milan’s Rive Gauche, Soho and Kreuzberg, where in every month of the year, from Happy Hour until late at night, you can spend your time in good company, drinking and tasting food in large quantities.

That’s Milan! is the ultimate travel guide about Milan and its surroundings, a virtual space where all the features of the city and small curiosities of every tourist site are described with the same enthusiasm that has always distinguished us. An enthusiasm that is reflected in the selection of Milan hotels that we are going to present, 4 and 5 star luxury hotels immersed in an ancient atmosphere, but still very modern. Facilities that open the doors of their rooms and suites to anyone who wants to enjoy a refined and classy stay in Milan, where details are given the utmost attention and importance, service is impeccable, and the dishes served at the restaurant are actual works of art.

That’s Milan! is a corner on the web where Milan is presented as it is, an important and multitasking place. Because, if in the morning you have breakfast in Corso Como, then visit a couple of prestigious museums, observe business people struggling with their businesses between Piazza Cordusio and the Stock Exchange, treat yourself to some shopping and a drink in Via Brera, waiting for the evening to eat at a restaurant on the dock in Porta Ticinese… it means that you have experienced the city in all of its delicious, frantic facets. Indeed, in multitasking.

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