Think Milan and you think catwalks, high heels and thousand-dollar rags wrapped around human coat wires. After all, the city’s international fame derives from names like Armani, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. – Davide Dukcevich

Milan is not suitable for amateurs” says writer Sandrone Dazieri, “this is why I love it.” And indeed, so it is, because Milan is a tough city, which tempers people, which tests them every single day. But it is also a city that offers hundreds of opportunities, for those who want them, for anyone able to catch them. The opportunity to be yourself, but also simply to look like and show off, the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, or just sit on the banks of the Naviglio waiting for time to pass.

All this applies to those who live and work in Milan. Tourists visiting the city can only perceive these aspects, as they’re too busy discovering Milan’s art and culture. So it’s those visiting Milan for tourism and business that That’s Milan! is aimed at. With a great little trick. This guide of Milan is written by those who live and work in this city, those who savor the challenge every single day. In short, we are not amateurs, we love this city and we want tourists to love it too.

Because Milan lacks in nothing, just ask and you will receive, make a wish and it will come true. From art to entertainment, from shopping to culture, from business to architecture, food and religion, please forgive us for the blasphemy. All this is described in That’s Milan!, a tourist guide about Milan, where museums, churches, major exhibition centers, the streets of nightlife and fashion, the upcoming Expo 2015, and the great sports venues, are always described with a pinch of irony and completed with tidbits that can help make this great city a friendly city for tourists.

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That's Milan!

Travel guides, ideas, and interesting facts about Milan

Most famous Designer & Factory outlets in Milan

Once they were called “Spacci” (Italian for Company’s store,) but for the “Milano da bere” people of the 1980s and 1990s, this definition must have seemed too excessive and maybe translated into other languages ​​did not exactly express the concept. So this was how that starting from the Salvagente in Via Bronzetti – which was […]

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Milano Card - Milan City Pass

Just as all the big cities in the world, even Milan has its own City Pass, that small little plastic card that tourists buy at the airport or the tourist office to have discounts and benefits, as well as free access to the means of urban transport. Milan’s City Pass is called Milano Card, indeed, […]

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Discover Milan

  • Summer events in Milan: Latinoamericando Expo18 July 2013 - 15:46

    Three months of passion, music, culture and gastronomic specialties, these are the main ingredients of Latinoamericando Expo, a Latin American festival held in Milan at Forum di Assago. From June until mid-August dozens of singers, performers, artists and bands will show off during the scheduled concerts, events and appointments. All this spiced up with paths […]

  • Minitalia Leolandia, theme park close to Milan13 March 2013 - 15:30

    Many Milanese people in their 50s, now fathers like me, have a number of childhood memories in common. Some, luckily, were lost over time, as the great, at the time, Milan Zoo within the Public Gardens (a sort of bio-internment camp closed in the 1980s.) Here lived the unforgettable Bombay, a sad elephant with large […]

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